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Andre-Roy-300Dean André Roy

Welcome to Concordia University's Faculty of Arts and Science!

As I begin my second year here as Dean, I’m increasingly looking towards the future. Our rich and diverse Faculty has a lot to celebrate today, but we need to think ahead, to where we will be tomorrow, and in 10 years. We have a unique opportunity to grow, and now is the time to own it.

It is time to think broadly about who we are and the work we do. How does that work connect us to others, both within the university and in the community at large? How do we imagine and re-imagine our curriculums? How do we highlight and leverage the great research we are doing? And how do we keep attracting the best students at both the undergraduate and graduate level?

It is time for our Faculty to think ambitiously and creatively.

A positive student experience remains at the heart of all we do as we move forward. We are committed to offering relevant hands-on opportunities, and to delivering an exceptional educational experience with a personal touch. We are also looking to expand our internship and co-op opportunities, and to increase interdisciplinary learning and research across all our departments and beyond.

Whether you are a future student, a current student, a graduate, a colleague or a benefactor, I am looking forward to building the next phase of our Faculty together.

It is going to be a great year!

– André Roy

Faculty Council

Faculty Council is the legislative body within the Faculty of Arts and Science that has responsibility for good governance of the academic affairs of the Faculty. The composition of Faculty Council is representative of the academic units in Arts and Science, CUPFA, undergraduate and graduate student associations, the Office of the Dean, and other senior academic administrators. In addition, Faculty Council invites participation from representatives of designated administrative units and University bodies.

Faculty and staff can access Faculty Council minutes on Cspace.

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