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Andre-Roy-300Dean André Roy

Welcome to Concordia University's Faculty of Arts and Science!

Our Faculty is a rich and diverse academic community that makes a difference in people’s lives every day. Home to 27 academic units, the Faculty of Arts and Science is leading the way in the creation, dissemination and mobilization of knowledge. Our success begins with the deep commitment and dedication of our faculty and staff to our core academic mission of teaching students and conducting innovative research.

One of the main appeals of a Faculty of Arts and Science is the potential of advancing, connecting and using knowledge in new ways. As our society faces increasingly complex challenges, our understanding of change in the world and our search for solutions to urgent problems rest on our ability to think creatively by adopting an interdisciplinary approach. In the years ahead, I see our Faculty of Arts and Science becoming a transformational leader in our metropolitan area, our country and beyond. It is truly an exciting time to be at Concordia!

Whether you are a future student, a current student, a graduate, a colleague or a benefactor, I am looking forward to building the next phase of our Faculty together.

– André Roy

Faculty Council

Faculty Council is the legislative body within the Faculty of Arts and Science that has responsibility for good governance of the academic affairs of the Faculty. The composition of Faculty Council is representative of the academic units in Arts and Science, CUPFA, undergraduate and graduate student associations, the Office of the Dean, and other senior academic administrators. In addition, Faculty Council invites participation from representatives of designated administrative units and University bodies.

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