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Eduardo Aquino, Johanne Sloan, Kathryn Walter

Untitled, 1996


About the Artwork

Medium: granite, aluminum, steel, neon light
Dimensions: varied

This site-specific installation was dedicated to the memories of Professors Matthew Douglass, Michael Hogben, Aaron Saber and Phoivos Ziogas who were killed in the Fabrikant Shooting in the building on August 24, 1992. The memorial was the subject of a competition two years later. Working in tandem with the bereaved families, it was agreed to engrave the victims’ names together with quotations that their loved ones felt captured their lives. The use of  stone, metal, light and greenery in various juxtapositions sharply penetrates the public space yet invites interaction and assembly. Students who congregate and study in this area become part of a living memorial.

About the Artists

All three artists are affiliated with Concordia, Aquino is an artist-architect. Sloan is an art historian and critic and Walter is a visual artist.

Artwork Location

Campus: Sir George Williams (Quartier Concordia)
Location: Lobby, Henry F. Hall Building
Address: 1455 de Maisonneuve Boulevard W.

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