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Independent readmission (Undergraduate)

For Independent students with the following message on their record:
Assessed — May Not Register Without Special Permission” or “Assessed — May Not Re-Register

Independent failed standing

For students assessed as being in failed standing for the first time, consideration for readmission is normally given if the student has suspended their studies at the University for a minimum period of one year. Students who have been assessed in failed standing for the second time are dismissed from the university for a minimum period of three years before being eligible to apply for readmission.

Any applications for readmission received from students who have not been away from the university for the required period will only be considered under extenuating circumstances and with appropriate supporting documentation.

Readmission Process

  1. Please view the failed standing video found at the website: Students in failed standing

  2. Students must submit the Application for Readmission Form along with a letter of explanation and supporting documentation. The letter of explanation should:

    1. Outline the reasons for your past academic difficulties and explain why you feel you will be successful if readmitted to your studies. If there were extenuating circumstances, attach supporting documentation (e.g. doctors’ notes, etc.)

    2. Describe any constructive activities you undertook while away from the university. Examples of constructive activities would be the successful completion of non-credit courses, part-time or full-time employment or volunteer work. (Submitting evidence of your activities, such as school transcripts and/or letters of reference will strengthen your application for readmission).

    3. Review and sign the Student Readmission Contract.

    4. Include a copy of your LASSI results as explained in the failed standing video.

Assessment period

The readmission review process normally takes 4 to 6 weeks, with decisions being sent in August, leaving enough time to meet with an advisor before the Fall semester begins.

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