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Points to remember

  1. Independent students register once all degree and certificate students have had a chance to select their courses. Therefore, when choosing courses, you should have as many alternative choices as possible, since certain courses may be full.

    Also be aware that there are courses reserved exclusively for students in a degree program and are not open to Independent Students.

  2. Academic regulations:
    Independent students are bound by the same rules as program students in matters such as dropping courses, yearly academic standing, examination regulations, etc. See Sections 15 and 16 of the Undergraduate Calendar for details.

  3. Choosing courses and course load:
    Newly authorized Independent students should carefully consider personal, family and work commitments when choosing courses and course load during their first year at the University. It is recommended that students set aside a minimum of 5 hours WEEKLY study time for each course taken.

    Grades and cumulative GPA of courses taken as an Independent student will be reviewed during the assessment process for future applications to programs. 

  4. Courses requiring prerequisites:
    If you have completed prerequisite courses at another institution, you must complete the Prerequisite Waiver Form for Independent and Visiting Students and receive approval from the appropriate department, as stated on the form.

  5. Independent students register as part-time Students:
    The maximum allowable course-load is 9 credits for each of the Fall or Winter Sessions and a maximum of 12 credits during the Summer Session.

    Students meeting the criteria may request course overload (full-time status) by completing the Independent Student Request Form – available at the Birks Student Service Centre (LB-185).

  6. Withdraw (Dropping a course):
    Students may withdraw from courses by accessing the MyConcordia portal. Students may also notify the Office of the Registrar either in person at the Birks Student Service Centre (LB 185) or by letter or fax (514) 848-4507.

    All letters should be sent by registered mail.

    Withdrawal deadlines are listed on the Term Dates and Deadlines webpage. It is the student’s responsibility to take all steps necessary to properly withdraw from a course or courses:

    • Simply not attending classes or informing an instructor of the intent to withdraw does not constitute officially withdrawing from a course.
    • Students who do not properly withdraw prior to the posted deadlines will automatically receive a failing grade and will be responsible for full payment of tuition and other fees.
    • It is the student's responsibility to be aware of all key deadlines dates.
  7. Readmission procedures:
    Independent students in failed standing must seek readmission to the University before they can register for future courses. Information is available at the Birks Student Service Centre

  8. Independent Student Request Committee:
    The Independent Student Request Committee reviews exceptions to academic regulations, or related matters. Students must submit all such requests and supporting documentation to the Independent Student Request Committee. Forms are available online or at the Birks Student Service Centre. Decisions shall be rendered normally within (30) working days of receiving the request and will be final.
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