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Please note that the current version of the Undergraduate Calendar is up to date as of February 2018.

Students benefit from the rich variety of academic resources provided by Concordia University. In addition, the Faculty of Arts and Science has established several programs distinguished by the fact that they are housed in small units which integrate various aspects of undergraduate student life at Concordia. These programs admit a certain number of applicants each year, and offer their students the opportunity to study with a group of students and faculty members sharing the same interests. Students can draw on the intimacy of dedicated classrooms, faculty offices, and student lounges as they study and relax with each other and with their professors, while taking full advantage of the facilities of the University at large.

There are three colleges, one institute, and two schools that offer these benefits: the Liberal Arts College, the Science College, the Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability, the Simone de Beauvoir Institute, the School of Canadian Irish Studies, and the School of Community and Public Affairs. The Liberal Arts College offers a Major and Honours in Western Society and Culture; the Science College provides a Minor in Multidisciplinary Studies in Science; and the Loyola College for Diversity and Sustainability offers both a Minor in Diversity and the Contemporary World and a Minor in Sustainability Studies. The Simone de Beauvoir Institute houses a Specialization, Major, Minor, and Certificate in Women’s Studies. The School of Canadian Irish Studies offers a Minor and Certificate in Canadian Irish Studies, while the School of Community and Public Affairs sponsors a Major in Community, Public Affairs and Policy Studies. Any of these programs may be supplemented by a major or a minor in another department or discipline. For further information about the academic requirements for any of these programs, please consult the appropriate section of the Undergraduate Calendar.

Whether as a major concentration or a minor, these programs extend to students a stimulating opportunity to share in the academic life of the college, institute, or school through special courses, seminars, guest lectures, tutorials, and social and cultural activities, all planned to build on the shared interests of the community. These programs are intended to blend high academic standards, rigorous programs of study, and close collegial relationships to provide an intimate and stimulating atmosphere within the University.

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