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University Teaching (Grad.Cert.)

Graduate Certificate (Grad. Cert.)
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School of Graduate Studies

Why pursue a Graduate Certificate in University Teaching?

The Graduate Certificate in University Teaching is a 15-credit program designed for current doctoral candidates at Concordia University. The aim of the program is for learners to gain in-depth knowledge about pedagogical practices in post-secondary education and to develop teaching skills in delivering a university course within their area of expertise. Benefiting from the mentorship of experts in university pedagogy and a discipline-specific faculty member, admitted candidates will expand their knowledge about theories of learning and instructional design, as well as enhance their skills in analyzing literature relevant to teaching and learning in higher education. Candidates will also learn to identify appropriate educational resources relevant to their disciplines and make appropriate planning, design and classroom management decisions. All candidates will be required to apply the knowledge and skills acquired to the design, delivery and evaluation of a 3-credit university course.

Program Details

Graduate Certificate
  • ETEC 613 Learning Theories (3 credits)
    This course examines the processes of specifying and producing environmental conditions for observing and promoting changes in the student. Its focus is the study of the learning process. The student is expected to develop a general understanding of the major theoretical and practical approaches to the study of learning and to begin to develop competence in selected aspects of the area.

  • UNIT 601 Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (3 credits)
    This seminar course is designed as a survey at an advanced level of the theory and practice of higher education pedagogy through an examination of the existing literature. Topics may include but are not limited to student learning assessment, course design, teaching strategies, student diversity, technology in the classroom and reflective practice. Activities may include participation in workshops focusing on pedagogical practices in higher education offered through the Centre for Teaching and Learning Services.

  • UNIT 602 Development of a University Course (3 credits)
    In this directed study course, students develop the objectives, outline, content, notes, assignments, and assessment plan for the course that they will teach during UNIT 603, Internship in University Teaching. The prepared materials are evaluated by the students’ teaching mentor. This course is graded on a pass/fail basis. 
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