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Building Engineering MEng

Fully-qualified candidates are required to complete a minimum of 45 credits.

Students must complete 45 credits of 6000 or 7000 level courses. The courses must be selected as follows:

(1) 21 credits minimum

Chosen from one of the course groups in List A.

This set of courses may also include the project and seminar courses:
ENGR 6991 - Project and Report III (5 credits)
BCEE 6961 - Graduate Seminar in Building and Civil Engineering (1 credit)
ENCS 6931 - Industrial Stage and Training (9 credits)

(2) 12 credits minimum

Chosen from the Topic Area E35 and those Course Groups of List A other than the group chosen in (1) above. These groups of courses could include special program courses put on for or by a given industry in conjunction with the Gina Cody School.

(3) 12 credits maximum

Chosen from the Engineering Courses section including E72 (MBA courses).

List A: Course Groups in Building Engineering Program
Group 1 - Building Environment: BLDG 6611** plus courses in the Topic Areas: E07, E21, E23.
Group 2 - Building Science: BLDG 6611** plus courses in the Topic Areas: E21, E22.
Group 3 - Building Structures: Topic Areas: E06, E21, E31.
Group 4 - Construction Management: Topic Areas: E21, and E24.

** Students who completed the undergraduate equivalent of BLDG 6611 must replace it by a course to be approved by the Graduate Program Director.

Note: Students who have taken ENCS 6931 cannot take any of the following three courses: ENGR 6971, ENGR 6981 or ENGR 6991; and vice-versa.

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