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Professional Experience (PREX)

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Professional Experience is for Chemistry, Biochemistry, Computation Arts and Design, Economics, Journalism and Physics students.

Our alternative options function like our regular Co-op programs with two main exceptions:

  • They allow more flexibility with 1 work term instead of 3
  • They have a different application process

Like Co-op, these work terms will give you a competitive edge when you join the workforce. As a student you will:

A Professional Experience (PREX) option is available in following undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Arts and Science:


-Computation Arts





Work terms are paid, full-time internships related to your field of study. They last 12 to 17 weeks and take place during the Summer (some exception may apply)

The PREX option is based on the employer demand. Depending on the job market, some internships could be done at a different time.

Undergraduate academic requirements & application process

You are eligible for the Professional Experience (PREX) option if you:

  • Are enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student
  •  Have and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of:
  • 2.8 for Biochemistry
  • 3.0 for Biology
  • 2.5 For Design and Computation Arts
  • 2.7 for Economics
  • 2.8 for Journalism
  • 2.7 for Physics
  • Must have completed a minimum of 30 credits with a minimum of 45 credits remaining in your degree.
  • Are proficient in either English or French. Students who are weak in French must be willing to do work terms outside of the province of Quebec.

Application date is September 30th. Should you meet the requirements, you will be contacted by your respective department to apply.

For more information, please contact the Program Coordinator or Academic Director for your respective program:

Program Name Title Email

Computation and Design Arts



Rachel Bureau Program Coordinator






Lucia Plescia Program Coordinator


Computation Arts and Design


Andrea Hunter

Pippin Barr  

Christian Sigouin

Academic Directors


Chemistry- Biochemistry


Alexandre Champagne

Xavier Ottenwaelder

Madoka Gray-Mitsumune

Academic Directors


  • For information about fees, please visit the Fees webpage
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