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Help us go zero waste

The Zero Waste Week and Challenge is a yearly, free event series and pledge dedicated to rethinking and innovating the way we approach waste. Come learn about upcycling, repurposing, composting, recycling, as well as the environmental and social implications of unsustainable waste management systems.

Zero Waste Kit Donations
February 17th - 28th
Lead-up Workshops March 9th - 13th
Zero Waste Kit Pick-ups CANCELLED
Challenge Week CANCELLED

Sign-up for the Zero Waste Challenge

As an individual or as a group, you commit to taking a critical look at the waste you make in your everyday life and pledge to generate as little landfill waste as possible for a full week, including the weekend!


Collect and keep anything that belongs in the landfill (other than sanitary products) in a bag or container for the full 7 days. Compost organics, refuse single use plastics and do your best to find ways to reuse unavoidable items. Learn more at our FAQ section.


Our first 200 participants will receive our "Help Me Go Zero Waste" pins, made from reclaimed wood right here at Concordia University.

Zero Waste Kit Donation Drive

From February 17-28, Concordians donated their extra travel mugs, bottles, tupperware, reusable bags, etc. for participants in the Zero Waste Challenge to choose from as part of their Zero Waste Kits!


Zero Waste Kit Pick-ups

Did you sign up for the zero waste challenge and need a zero waste item to help you refuse unnecessary waste? This year we are offering participants the option to decide what they would like in their kit in order to cut down on items that won’t be used.


The following items will be available: coffee mug, water bottle, 1L mason jar, tupperware, utensil kit, tote bag, beeswax wrap, produce bag.



Leading up to the challenge week, we'll be offering a few workshops to help stock your zero waste kit. Join us to make your own beeswax wraps and produce bags. We'll also be organizing a clothing swap and a tabling fair.

Event Date Time
Location Description

Zero Waste Kit Collection

February 17-28

All day

Collection bins in the atriums of Hall, GM, EV, VA

Donate your extra travel mugs, bottles and tupperware! Bring them to a donation bin and they'll get a new life as part of a Zero Waste Kit, which will be offered to participants of our upcoming Zero Waste Challenge.

Beeswax wraps

Tuesday, March 10

3pm - 6pm

CUCCR, Grey Nuns

Beeswax wraps are great, zero waste, alternatives to use in place of saran wrap or aluminum foil, don’t miss this chance to help the larger Concordia community become more sustainable and get your own.

Produce bags

Thursday, March 12

3pm - 6pm

CUCCR, Grey Nuns

Learn how to make small, reusable cloth bags for your fruit and vegetables and help us make some extra for our zero waste challenge.
Used Clothing Donations
CANCELLED CANCELLED Drop off clothes that no longer fit or serve you for the clothing swap at the end of the week! Brought to you by CSU and the Dish Project.
Dumpster diving 101
CANCELLED CANCELLED CANCELLED We will discuss how making small shifts in how you shop, prepare, and store food can help you save money and eat well. We’ll learn tips on how we can keep the valuable resources we use to produce and distribute food from going to waste.
Reducing Waste One Meal at a Time
CANCELLED CANCELLED CANCELLED Akira De Carlos, a certified nutritionist, will lead you through two dinner/lunch recipes and a sweet-tooth curbing dessert recipe that you can recreate at home. Shifting to more plant-based foods is essential to combating climate change.

Single use to Reuse




Explore the culture and psychology of single-use. Break the stigma on reusing. Learn how to make the best choices for difficult but common situations you'll encounter and about the hierarchy of plastics and enter a raffle to win a zero waste kit!

Zero Waste Fair




See what the Concordia Community has been up to when it comes to environmentalism and learn ways to get involved on campus. Explore our "zero waste at home" table and enter a raffle to win sample items! There will be food, music, and a raffle for a zero waste kit prize for those who complete our quiz on zero waste.

Clothing swap


CANCELLED CANCELLED Come to pick up some new items at the end of the week! Clothing swaps are a great alternative to fast fashion and we invite everyone to participate!


Need more clarifications on how the challenge works? Have a particular question? Check here or visit our Zero Waste Concordia Facebook Group to ask us and the community!

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