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Concordia offers electronic waste recycling to both on-campus departments and the community at large. Read on for details of what is and isn't accepted and download our one-page guide.


Toner cartridges


Concordia Offices: Toner cartridges from internal Xerox machines are collected by DPrint. Contact x2400 for pick-up. Label boxes to: DPrint, S- LB018-3.

Community: Look up your nearest Ecocentre.



Drop off batteries at the following locations:


  • ECSA (B 2)
  • CSU Office (Hall 7th floor)
  • the Dean of Students Office (Hall 6th floor)
  • LB Campus Corner (LB 1st floor)
  • EV Fine Arts, Dean's office reception (EV 2.705)
  • EV Fine Arts, CDA Depot (EV 5.77)
  • EV Fine Arts, Core Technical Centres reception (EV 8.701)
  • MB IITS desk (MB S2.145)
  • EHS (GM 10th floor)
  • Facilities Management (GM 11th floor)
  • Sustainable Concordia (Z Annex)


  • Communication Studies (CJ 3.233)
  • Biology (SP 301.01)
  • Applied Human Sciences (VE 223.03)
  • Vanier Library (VL 102-4)

Contact to set up a battery collection box at your office.

Contact x2400 when full for pick-up. 

Visit Call2Recycle for off-campus battery recycling locations.

CFL bulbs


When CFL bulbs are recycled, the glass is salvaged while the mercury content is safely disposed.  Visit RecycFluo to find the off-campus drop-off site nearest to you.

Incandescent bulbs


These bulbs cannot be recycled. Safely dispose of them in the trash by wrapping them in a protective material such as several layers of newspaper.

Desktops, monitors, laptops and other large e-waste


Concordia Offices: Contact the IITS service desk at x7613 or to submit a request to discard equipment. Usable items will be wiped and reused internally or donated. Unusable items will be sent out for certified e-waste recycling.


Community: Concordia organizes collection events each Fall and Spring for large e-waste. Stay tuned for a regular schedule to be posted. Look up your nearest Eco-Centre for a convenient location to recycle large e-waste.

Small electronics and ink cartridges

small electronics_60

Electrobacs are located on both campuses for the community to drop off their chargers, cables, peripherals, small electronics and ink cartridges.


Find an electrobac station at the following locations:

  • Hall 2nd Floor
  • LB Lobby
  • EV Basement (near Jugo Juice)
  • MB Lobby

Visit Electrobac's website to find an off-campus Electrobac near you.


Visit our reducing and discarding waste resources page to get helpful posters for your space!

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