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Concordia Greenhouse 2014 Plant Sale

At Concordia, sustainability has long been driven by a diversity of student projects, initiatives and passions. Meet the student groups that have laid the foundation for a sustainable campus and continue to drive sustainability at the University.

CEED Concordia
Community, Empowerment, Education, Development - CEED Concordia is a fee-levy association of Concordia University and a non-profit organization operating in Montreal, Canada and Gulu, Uganda. The organization is dedicated to social justice and community empowerment by supporting youth in our communities. CEED offers Concordia students an opportunity to contribute to sustainable community projects in northern Uganda for 3-month internships during the summer semester.

Centre for Gender Advocacy

The Centre for Gender Advocacy promotes gender equality and empowerment, particularly as it relates to marginalized communities. Along with a variety of programming and campaigns, the Centre provides respectful, confidential peer-to-peer support, advocacy and resources; houses a resource centre and libraries; and offers accessible spaces to facilitate community organizing and action.

City Farm School
The City Farm School is an initiative to develop partnerships and expertise in urban agriculture on the island of Montréal. With the support of Concordia University, The City Farm School (CFS) offers seminars, discussions, internship placements, volunteer opportunities and popular education style teach-ins on permaculture, organic crop planning, producing seedlings, mushroom cultivation, composting, pest management, organic plant nutrition, rain water harvesting, and other topics of great public interest, promoting a strong focus on experiential learning and the cultivation of a can-do spirit.

Concordia Food Coalition
The Concordia Food Coalition (also known as Community Food Coalition / CFC) is a non-for-profit student-run organization concerned about the economic, ecological, and social implications of the food system at Concordia University. The CFC brings together students, faculty and staff to promote and facilitate a transition to a more sustainable food system at Concordia.

Concordia Greenhouse
The Concordia Greenhouse Project is a collectively run, consensus-based, non-profit organization. It uses the Henry H. Hall Building rooftop greenhouse as an all-organic space geared towards community, education and sustainable horticulture. The Greenhouse is a year-round green space that hosts workshops, projects and events raising awareness around food issues and alternatives to mainstream consumerism.

Concordia Student Union (CSU)
As the representative body of all Concordia undergraduate students, the CSU is dedicated to deepening understanding of sustainability issues on campus, while encouraging sustainable practices off-campus and advocating for environmental protection and social justice in our provincial and federal politics.

Engineers without Borders – Concordia Chapter
Having a chapter at Concordia, Engineers Without Borders is a non-profit organization, supported by professional engineers, students, and volunteers in Canada and abroad.  Working primary in rural Africa, we believe that the next generation of Africans should have the opportunity to improve their own lives, and we realize that there are areas where we can help.

Le Frigo Vert
Frigo Vert is Concordia’s student non-profit health food store. It offers a variety of organic and bulk foods, as well as quick snacks, coffee and environmentally friendly household products at affordable prices.

John Molson Sustainable Business Group
The mission of the John Molson Sustainable Business Group (JSG) is to provide  students with the resources to effectively and professionally incorporate sustainability in their pursuit of becoming ecologically aware, socially just, and economically responsible  leaders. JSG is distinctive in its approach of combining students from both the undergraduate and graduate levels as members.

People’s Potato
The People's Potato is a collectively-run soup kitchen that offers vegan meals to students and community members on a by-donation basis. The Potato serves more than 400 meals daily to students and community members with the help of dedicated volunteers and it is dedicated to educating about healthy cooking and food politics.

Quebec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG)
The Quebec Public Interest Research Group at Concordia is a resource centre for student and community research and organizing. We strive to raise awareness and support grassroots activism around diverse social and environmental issues.

Queer Concordia
Queer Concordia is an on-campus resource centre and safe space for all students identifying outside the cissexist heteronorm and for their allies. We provide free safer sex products, an extensive lending library, and plan a multitude of events throughout the school year. We’re always looking for the new volunteers and love meeting new community members.

Right to Move
Right to Move is a non-profit organization that believes bicycles are a form of transportation that should be available to all. They have a drop-in, do-it-yourself bicycle shop where members can fix their own bicycles with the help of volunteer mechanics and hands-on workshops.

Sustainability Action Fund
The Sustainability Action Fund (SAF) is fee-levy granting organization for Concordia University students who want to develop, coordinate and foster high impact sustainability projects at Concordia University. SAF provides students with support and resources within a supportive environment to encourage project success and autonomy. Unique among sustainability groups on campus, SAF provides significant financial support to a diversity of sustainable projects in an active effort to increase the sustainability of Concordia University.

Sustainable Concordia
Sustainable Concordia (SC) is a nexus that engages students, staff, faculty, and administrators to work together in non-hierarchical, consensus based decision-making processes to address issues of sustainable development on campus. We are founded in the belief that our community stakeholders must communicate and work together to create viable solutions to sustainable development challenges on campus. Bringing the perspectives of each stakeholder group together in dialogue allows us to see the University as a system where solutions reach across sectors and departments.

Sustainable Engineering Concordia
Sustainable Engineering Concordia is a newly formed student group that educates future engineers about sustainability so that they may apply their technical skills and innovative thinking towards this cause.


These sustainability initiatives are part of a very active and broad student community at Concordia  (diagram created through a collaboration of the following student groups: Sustainability Action Fund, Sustainable Concordia, Concordia Student Union, Graduate Students Association).

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