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Student Sustainability Ambassador Program

Peer-to-peer education is the key to a sustainable future...

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Ambassadors increase sustainability awareness on campus and support others to develop more sustainable behaviours.
  • Volunteer opportunities for students of all disciplines, interests and sustainability backgrounds
  • Training provided by the Concordia Sustainability Team
  • Ongoing educational opportunities offered throughout the year
  • Volunteer in multiple different roles with a single ongoing SAP campaign, join multiple SAP campaigns on campus, or volunteer at one-time sustainability events
  • Flexible time commitments
  • Credit on your Concordia Co-Curricular Record
  • An Ambassador emblem sticker for Concordia student ID card
Read the Sustainability Ambassador Program Handbook for more info!

2019-20 Campaigns

Concordia University Centre for Creative Reuse
CUCCR Campaign
Dish Project Campaign
The Dish Project Campaign
Concordia Student Residences Campaign
Student Residences Campaign
Sustainability Fair
Mother Hubbard's Cupboard
Sustainability Fair
One-time Sustainability Events

Ways to make use of the Sustainability Ambassador Program

Concordia University Centre for Creative Reuse Campaign

CUCCR collects and diverts reusable materials from the university waste-stream and makes it available to the community.

Concordia University Centre for Creative Reuse
Main volunteer activities include:
  • Teaching about reuse through simple skillshares
  • Increasing community knowledge about sustainability resources
  • Welcoming and educating community members who enter the CUCCR space
  • Creating online educational content that shares sustainability info
  • Providing education about tool safety in CUCCR’s The SHED
  • Facilitating a supportive, do-it-yourself community
  • Promoting donation of reusable items on Concordia campuses


The Dish Project Campaign

Reduces waste on campus by lending out reusable tableware to event organizers and promoting Zero Waste lifestyles

Concordia University Centre for Creative Reuse
Main volunteer activities include:
  • Facilitating community use of the space by aiding dish orders
  • Educating event organizers about complementary sustainability resources
  • Participating in the development of Zero Waste workshops and events

Learn more about the Dish Project

Student Residences Campaign

Designed for students living in Concordia's Residences, this campaign hosts activities and provides tips on how to live more sustainably both on campus and off.

Concordia Rethink Sustainability Campaign
Main volunteer activities include:
  • Participating in Residence-specific workshops on how to be sustainable
  • Raising awareness about sustainability in the Residences through workshops and skillshares
  • Promoting the Residence Reclaimathon by encouraging fellow students to donate before moving out
  • Assisting in the collection and donation of items from the Residence Reclaimathon

One-time Sustainability Events

Engage community members at one-time events on campus that are related to sustainability!

Sustainability Events
Main volunteer activities include:
  • Educating event attendees about sustainability
  • Participating in sustainability-related conferences, workshops, and events
  • Getting involved with other sustainability groups on campus

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