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Bram Freedman

Bram Freedman

Under Bram Freedman’s leadership, philanthropy and engagement with Concordia’s alumni, friends and supporters are on the rise. He was appointed to his latest position as vice-president, Advancement and External Relations, on December 1, 2015. That puts him at the helm of the university’s fundraising, stewardship and outreach efforts — Advancement and Alumni Relations.

The external relations side of his portfolio involves oversight of the Office of Urban and Cultural Affairs and the Office of Community Engagement. The former is responsible for institutional projects connected to urban planning, built heritage, public art and cultural property, along with museum and festival relations. The latter supports, connects and promotes new and existing community-university partnerships.

As well, Freedman serves as president of the Concordia University Foundation which manages funds donated to the university.

Freedman’s almost 20 years at Concordia has included work in several key sectors. He was appointed vice-president, External Relations and Secretary-General, in February 2008. He then served as vice-president, Institutional Relations and Secretary-General, from May 2011 to June 2013, adding oversight of the university’s Human Resources department during that period.

Before rejoining Concordia in 2008 (where he had served as general counsel and assistant secretary-general from 1992-2003), Freedman was the chief operating officer of Federation Combined Jewish Appeal — the central fundraising and community service organization for Quebec’s Jewish community.

He is an active volunteer who has held several senior positions in organizations that include: the Centre local de services communautaires (CLSC) Métro, Jewish Family Services, the Jewish Eldercare Centre, the Reconstructionist Synagogue of Montreal, Destination Centre-Ville and Conseil Emploi Montreal. He is also a member of the board of directors of Institut Mallet, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of philanthropy in society.

Freedman is a two-time graduate of McGill University. He obtained civil and common law degrees (BCL/LLB) in 1991 and a BA (honours) in history in 1987

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