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Catherine Bolton

Catherine Bolton

A member of the Department of Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics, Catherine Bolton came to Concordia in 1989 after completing her PhD in Roman Studies at McMaster University.

Her research focuses on the Latin elegiac poet Ovid, particularly his series of literary letters written by fictional abandoned heroines called the Heroides. Her research has moved from interpretations of the letter writers as expressions of the female character in ancient Rome to investigating issues of gender and its relation to physical space.

She has served as associate dean for Student Academic Services in the Faculty of Arts and Science. She is also part of a research team at Concordia that is working on the issue of academic integrity, especially plagiarism. She and her team have presented papers at the International Centre for Academic Integrity and have been interviewed by Canadian and US media. She was appointed Vice-Provost, Teaching and Learning in 2013.

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