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Issues identified by the Task Force

Policies and Procedures 

What do you think is working well and/or needs improvement with our existing policies and processes around sexual misconduct and sexual violence?

Community Communications

How can we improve our communication to the University community about the resources and support that exists for students, faculty and staff with respect to sexual misconduct and sexual violence?

Reporting of Disclosures

How can we improve the procedure (follow through and support) once a disclosure is made to staff or faculty in individual units or departments?

Student Associations

What should the rules or guidelines include concerning social or welcoming activities for student associations? (If you already have similar student association guidelines, please share here.)


Task Force Priority

What in your view is the most important and urgent priority that the Task Force should consider with regard to sexual violence and sexual misconduct at Concordia?

Additional Comments

Please use this space to share anything not addressed in the previous sections that you wish to bring to the attention of the Task Force.

Key Community Member Groups

Below is the list of key group members who will receive the feedback invitation. If you believe that a group has been excluded, please provide more details so that we can send the feedback invitation link.

  • Academic Cabinet
  • Advancement and Alumni Relations
  • Alumni Associations
  • Campus Wellness and Support Services
  • Continuing Education
  • Department Chairs
  • Faculty Councils
  • Gender Advocacy Centre
  • Indigenous Directions
  • Libraries
  • Office of Rights and Responsibilities
  • Office of the Ombuds
  • President’s Executive Group
  • Research Centres and Institutes
  • Residence
  • Security
  • Sexual Assault Resource Centre
  • Recreation and Athletics
  • Student Associations
    • Concordia Student Union (CSU)
    • Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA)
    • Commerce and Administration Student Association (CASA)
    • Arts and Science Federation of Associations (ASFA)
    • Engineering and Computer Science Association (ECA)
    • Concordia Association of Students in English (CASE)
    • Graduate Student Association (GSA)
    • Engineering and Computer Science Graduate Student Association (ECSGA)
    • John Molson Graduate Student Association (JMGSA)
  • Student Services Directors
  • Unions and Associations
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